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Types of Tastings at Corossol

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  • By Steve
Types of Tastings at Corossol

We offer different types of tastings: public and private, formal and informal. Come try one!

We offer a number of different options - public and private - for tastings!


At Corossol we're eager to pour you a taste and get your feedback on our wines and spirits. Come in most evenings and Dave, George, Brock or Kaitlyn will open a bottle or two for an informal tasting. On Thursdays between 5pm and 7pm we offer more formal themed tastings - e.g. wines of Tuscany, Robust Reds, etc.


These events are always open to the public and are always free of charge.


Or: why not have Corossol come to you? If you are a business or residential setting we'll be glad to come over with a collection geared to your interests for a private tasting.


And: we now offer the option of renting the entire space at Corossol for private tastings. This option is great for birthdays, anniversary parties, bachelorette parties, etc. Contact us for rates and details.


Please contact us to discuss any of these options: by email at [email protected], or call us at 857-991-1876 . Or, just stop in to say hello and we'll begin the conversation that way.