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About us

Corossol Wines

Corossol Wines is a family owned and operated store for fine wines, beers and spirits. Our company, Black Bottle Wines LLC, does business as Corossol Wines in the Seaport area of Boston.

David Skerry

David has worked in and around fine wines for over 18 years. Originally mentored by his uncle Peter Brunet, who is now one of the principals of AP Wines in New York City, David began his career working in retail at Marcorelle Liquors in Ipswich, his home town, and managing their store in Hamilton. From there he went for many years to work at Vino di Vino on Cambridge St in Boston, becoming manager of the store for his last two years there. During Covid lockdowns he began a new career with Terroir Wines of Massachusetts to learn about organic, biodynamic and natural wines. These experiences all fed his desire to have his own store for fine wines one day. He is our chief wine buyer and chief salesman.

Stephen Skerry

Steve likes to say he’s had 4 careers: teaching philosophy at UMass Amherst and at UNH, as a programmer and then senior executive at IDX Systems (now part of GE Healthcare), as a high school math teacher at a series of public and private schools, and now as the business manager for Corossol Wines. Steve does the books, the accounting, works on tech issues and helps with scheduling and marketing.


Before they ever decided to open a wine store, Steve and David travelled extensively throughout France, Italy and California searching out wines and vineyards that we would love. The travel passion became a wine lover passion during these trips.

David came up with the idea of a wine store we would own together in 2019. Steve took some convincing but by 2020 we were looking for retail space. In 2021 we identified our future space in the Ora Building, secured our license and capital. We hired Conrad Ello from the firm of Oudens-Ello for design and Peter Walsh of CityWide Contracting to do the buildout. Through the era of Covid, supply chain issues and inflation we encountered numerous delays but finally opened for business in September of 2022.

The name Corossol comes from a beach in the French Caribbean which our family and extended family have enjoyed for many years. When we decided to start a wine store specializing in organic and biodiverse wines we looked at a lot of French and Italian place-names, especially those of places we had visited and loved. We kept going till we found the name we liked most was not in continental France but at the beach.

Our mission at Corossol Wines:

To provide select high quality wines, beers and spirits, knowledge based advice and excellent service at a fair price. Our focus is on smaller producers, estate bottled wines, and organically grown and harvested grapes. Our wines are mostly from France, Italy, Spain and the US. We hope to provide a pathway for customers towards new possibilities in wine selection and enjoyment, towards the discovery of wines not frequently encountered and ones which match our goals for excellence and affordability at every price level. In addition, we carry a select number of high end spirits and the latest most sought after craft beers.

Our values at Corossol Wines:

  • to create an exciting and authentic environment for wine lovers
  • to treat all customers with respect, good cheer and complete integrity
  • to treat all employees professionally, fairly, consistently, and compassionately
  • to be a good neighbor to residents of and visitors to the Seaport.



Corossol Wines is located at 899 Congress St, Boston MA 02210 on the ground level of the ORA building, next to the Hyatt Hotel.